Friday, August 28, 2015

Survive the Night by Danielle Vega

From Goodreads:
We're all gonna die down here. . . .

Julie lies dead and disemboweled in a dank, black subway tunnel, red-eyed rats nibbling at her fingers. Her friends think she’s just off with some guy—no one could hear her getting torn apart over the sound of pulsing music.

In a tunnel nearby, Casey regrets coming to Survive the Night, the all-night underground rave in the New York City subway. Her best friend Shana talked her into it, even though Casey just got out of rehab. Alone and lost in the dark, creepy tunnels, Casey doesn’t think Survive the Night could get any worse . . .
. . . until she comes across Julie’s body, and the party turns deadly.

Desperate for help, Casey and her friends find themselves running through the putrid subway system, searching for a way out. But every manhole is sealed shut, and every noise echoes eerily in the dark, reminding them they’re not alone.

They’re being hunted.

My Review:

I bought this book because it sounded so amazing! Unfortunately it turned to be rather meh for me.

Things I liked:
1) The concept was a good one. It was not really anything special unfortunately.

2) Casey- Although she made some crazy and not so smart decisions I still really liked her as a character.

Things I was not fond of:
1) I was expecting a creepy book and I felt like it was more focusing on the teenage drama. 

2) This was a rather slow book. The first part was dragging then when things started happening it was rushed and so boring.

3) The ending for me felt like a cop out. 

My rating: ♥♥♥

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