Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bookish Academy Tag

Thanks so much to the lovely Erica Gold. Go check out her blog guys. It is amazing and you will love it.

People I tag are:
1) Carina from My Addiction: Books
2) Cassie from Novels and Necklaces
3) Jazmen from This Girl Reads a lot!

Here we go with the questions:

1) Best Male Actor ( Best Male Protagonist):
For this I chose Joe from You. He definitely is not a likeable character but I really enjoyed his personality for some reason.

2) Best Actress( Best Female Protagonist):
For this one I picked Christine. She was such a great character to read about. I felt the same things she felt at parts of the book.

3) Best Cinematography( Best Plot Twist):
For this one I picked Gone Girl because some of the things that happened in this book really shocked me.

4) Best Costume Design(Best Book Cover):
 This book cover is so amazing. In person it is so much better. I tried to read this book but just could not get into it. I am willing to leave it on my shelf just because it is gorgeous.

5) Best Supporting Actor and Actress( Best Male and Female Sidekick:
 Male: I chose Toraf from Of Poseidon. He was a great sidekick.

Female: I chose Elodie from Hex Hall. 

6) Best Original Screenplay(Best Unique Plot/World):

 I chose this book because it was dystopian but not in a typical way. I loved this world so much.

7) Best Adapted Screenplay(Best Book-Movie Adapation):
 I picked this because I actually watched the movie first then read the book. I enjoyed the book but I really prefer the movie version. I mean hello Richard Gere!!

8) Best Animated Feature(Book That Would Work Well Animated):
 This may be cheating but I really think this would be a great animated because well its halfway there.

9) Best Director(A writer you discovered for the first time): 
 I know this is the one and only book Nicola Yoon has written but I will read any book she writes.

10) Best Visual Effects(Best Novella or Short Book):

This book is rather short but so so funny. I would recommend this if you are a book lover because it is rather entertaining.

11) Best Picture(Best Standalone):
This book was so emotional and I loved it so much. Cannot wait for the movie to come out!!!


  1. Thanks for nominating me. I'm going to work on this as soon as I can.

  2. Great choices. I got tagged for this too. I’m still working on my post.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!