Sunday, July 26, 2015

Write For Me by Michelle Holt

From Goodreads:
My name is Bently Young. I wouldn’t say I’m an angry person. In fact my life had been like a bubble gum infused sundae topped with happiness sprinkles up until the age of when I could date. And I started to date a lot. Guys were fun at first, a nice dinner, someone to tell me I was pretty and laugh at my sarcastic jokes. But then the little creeps started showing their true colors. And they were not my favorite colors. They were like barf green and overripe fungus tangerine. And it made me angry. 

Swearing off dating all together was too drastic, but I sure wanted to not do it for a while. I had my family and friends to keep me occupied. I didn’t need a man to take me to cheesy restaurants. One could only eat so much free bread and butter. Life could keep zooming along without the necessity of someone with chest hair being around. 

Oh but then I met Josh. If I could have just never known he existed, all would have been fine. Of course, I don’t mean that because if I never knew he was in the world, my own world would have been an awful place. He makes me want to dance under a happiness sprinkle hail storm. Pretty much he is gorgeous and has the insane ability to use his words to make my heart float out of my chest. That made things a lot better when everything else I knew in my life decided to implode. But we weren’t immune to the black hole of horribleness either. 

My Review:

This book was so good. I am not going to lie I was rather surprised by it.

Things I liked:
1) Bently- I liked how she was not the same kind of girl character I read about a lot. She was strong, new what she wanted, and didn't depend on guys for her happiness. She was really a breathe of fresh air.

2) Josh- Oh my gosh what an awesome guy character. He was really everything I like in book guy characters. 

3) The way this was written was so amazing. It made you feel like you were in the characters lives and living it with them. I always appreciate that in a book. 

Things I was not fond of:
1) This took me a bit to get into. I feel like the beginning was kind of slow.

I would recommend this to anyone who is into contemporary. This is definitely a must read. 

My rating:♥♥♥♥

*This was provided to me by the author on a read and review basis*

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