Friday, January 16, 2015

When Smiles Fade

Wow there is so many things I have to say about this book. *First I got this from Netgalley for review*.  This book has me in such a weird emotional state after reading it. I cannot believe what took place in this book.

This book follows a family of 4. There is Valerie(Mom), Pepper(Dad), Emma(Oldest Girl), and Gracie(Youngest Girl). Pepper is very abusive towards his whole family since he is a drunk. This story really grabs you from the beginning but not in the way you think. I automatically felt bad for the two girls. Not so much the mother because she just let everything happen and that made me very mad. So this follows the family and all the things that go on in the two girls lives. I found the descriptions in this book to be very very good. Did I want to read some of this stuff?? No. I caught myself being in shock most of the time and felt like I really could not finish this book. After awhile though I just wanted to know what would happen to this family, especially the two girls. 

What I liked:
1) Emma was written so well. She endured so much at the hands of her father is was ridiculous. She took a lot because she didn’t want her sister to have those things done to her. I felt so bad for her.
2) The way this whole story was written. You got to see them when they were little then as the girls grew up and what happened then.
3) Mrs. Tisdale was great. God I loved this character. She was a sweet sweet lady but  I didn’t understand why she didn’t try to help the girls more.

What I did not like:
1) The obvious would be Pepper. 
2) Valerie. Dang did I dislike her. She was a bad mother. How can someone allow some of the things that went on? I just hated her from the get go. When you daughter is pleading for help and you do nothing?? Arg, dislike this woman.
Overall I think this book is a good read. Definitely keeps you on your toes. Be prepared to flinch, cry and just scream sometimes in this book.
My rating: ♥♥♥♥

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