Friday, March 20, 2015

Bookish Buzzwords and Deal Breakers

So I have seen a few videos on peoples Buzzwords and Deal breakers for books. I was coming up with some last night and I have quite a few! So I decided I wanted to write a post on it. I may even do a video eventually though.

Words or Phrases that makes me want to read the book more

1) Forbidden Love- This is pretty self explanatory.  I love books with love stories that are unconventional. Ones that are really not suppose to happen because the characters are from different worlds or species.

2) Psychological Thrillers- I am completely addicted to these. Anytime someone says its a thriller. I am more inclined to buy it and add it to my tbr.

3) Mermaids- I have only read a few of these but I absolutely love mermaids. 

4) Fairy tale Retelling's- Another one where I have not read many books in the genre but I love the idea of it. I have picked up a lot of books just because it is a fairy tale retelling.

5) Revenge- Anytime a book has revenge type plot I am so there. I need it in my life no matter how twisted it is.

6) Different Writing Mediums- This means books that are told in texts, IMs, emails, letters. I love those type of books. I think if its done well it is so great to read.

Deal Breakers: 
Words or phrases that make me roll my eyes in the book or make me not want to read it.(FYI these are not set in stone. Sometimes I may still read the book.)

1) Instalove- Gosh, this just makes me so mad. It is not realistic and most of the time not necessary. I really just roll my eyes when this happens and normally the book looses a star rating.

2) Love Triangles- I feel like so many books I read have these. It is beyond annoying. The female character is always the one that has them. 

3) Companion Series- I do like series and trilogies. I can barely read all of them in order at once but I do read a lot of them. I absolutely hate when the books are described as companion novels. This normally means whoever the characters were in the first book will not be in the second. They may be mentioned a time or two but companion novels are different characters. It drives me so crazy. If I fall in love with characters in the first book I think they should be in the rest of the series but no!

4) Weird Character Names- This is definitely not a "I won't read it" deal breaker. This is more of a annoyance. I will either skip that name when I read the book or just say blank because I cant pronounce it.

5) Classics- I do not know why but I cannot  read classics. I do like certain retellings but do not like the actual classic. 

6) Sex Scenes- I do read alot of YA so I guess the reason I say this is because I have become very spoiled by books grazing over sex. I know it happens and that is great but I do not need to know details. I find it unnecessary most of the time. I normally end up skipping pages. If the story is good beside that I will continue if not I normally do not finish the book.

So there are some of my buzzwords and deal breakers. I didn't do them all because we would be here all day. What are some of yours??


  1. I actually agree with all of yours! Except love triangles because they sometimes work :) and mermaids, I'm yet to read a good mermaid book! Any recommendations?

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    1. They do but it still drives me crazy. The only one I have read is Water so deep by Nichole Giles. I have a lot that I haven't read but still need them all lol.