Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Series I Don't Think I Will Ever Read

So I have seen alot of videos of book unhauls. I am sure everyone is aware of them but if you are not familiar. This is basically where people show the books they are getting rid of. I have filmed a video for my YouTube channel(I have not uploaded it yet). Then  I was looking through the rest of my shelves and I see so many books that I just don't want to keep anymore. When I first started blogging and Book tubing, I literally bought every book I seen someone talk about. Since then I have become a person who has no qualms about DNFing a book if I get half way through and am not enjoying it. I have also become very aware of the fact that I am not going to enjoy everything that everyone does. So I say all that to say this, right now I am posting more books that I am debating on getting rid of. I would like feedback if this series/book is amazing and I need to keep it :). 
Here we go!!

First off, The Unwind Trilogy?

Next I have the Caster Chronicles Series(I have the first three books): 

The Luxe Series. I have all four books but bought them for the covers. How could anyone pass these up?

In case you need an explanation, its to long! Is it worth the commitment?

I have the first two of this trilogy. Seems interesting!

Another one by Sarah Shepherd. I don't understand why her series have to be so long. 

I am prepared for a lot of people to be like what? you want get rid of those. Yes! I read almost half of the first one and was not getting the point. I feel like it turned into a romance story and I was not expecting that from this trilogy. I do have the first two so I way try to get through the first one. 

Another one that I don't feel like needs a complete reason. If you haven't noticed I have commitment issues.

The Gallagher Series. I have 2 books in this series. I don't even think I have the first one, so I'm clearly thinking of getting rid of this since I don't have the whole series!

The last one I have. Go ahead gasp. I have not read this series at all. I started reading Cinder and could not get into for some reason, even though the story seems so cool!.

Okay so there you have it. Series that I have but haven't read and for some reason don't feel like I need anymore. Let me know if any of ya'll have read these series and if you think they are worth reading. 

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