Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Killing at the Creek by Nancy Allen

*I received this from Edelweiss for review.*

 This story follows Elsie Arnold who ends up getting a murder case really early on when she comes back to her hometown. This was a murder case where there was a bus and then the driver was found way away from the bus. A 15 year old boy is a suspect in the case. Of course he is under age and that makes in difficult to prosecute the case. I actually liked the mystery of the book in the first half . In my opinion the story lost the suspense and mystery by the second half. Yes I do understand that towards the end it was all about the prosecution of the kid but I guess that just didn't interest me as much as the murder aspect of the story. Other than that I thought the story was written well. I did enjoy the writing style.

What I liked:
1)The character of Elsie was done very well. I liked how bad ass she was. She wasn't scared to get out in the field and go to crime scenes. I thought that was great about her.
2) I loved Ashlock alot. Thats all I wanna say about him.

My rating: ♥♥♥

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