Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Memory Key by Liana Liu

 This book follows Lora Mint. A 17 year old girl who is still struggling from losing her mother over 5 years ago. Lora lives in a world where there is a disease called Vergets disease, a viral form of Alzheimer's. Since there is this in the world everyone is equipped with a memory key. A chip that is put in the brain that processes and hold new and old memories. 

One day Lora falls and things start to happen. She begins to remember things she never knew she knew. So she starts on a journey to find out about her mothers death. 

What I liked:
1) Lora's Dad- He clearly knew some things but kept them from Lora to protect her. I don't fully understand why at times but still I loved his character.
2) Lora- This girl can be so dense at times. She would not listen to her father about the key and that made me mad. It clearly took a toll on her well being. 
3) Raul- I loved his character but often wondered why he was into Lora when she was flat out rude to him and pretty much used him for her own things. 
4) I liked how the book was told part in memories and the other part reality. I liked learning more about Lora and what she remembered.

Things I Was Not Fond Of:
1) I felt like the beginning was slow. I got 15 percent and I was questioning why I was even continuing this book. I'm glad that  I did finish it though because the other 85% was great!
2) The ending- I did not like the ending. It wasn't like clique happily ever after but it really didnt give me closure either. It left me wanting more even though this is a standalone as far as I know.

Over all I enjoyed this book. I would definitely recommend giving this a try if you are into Dystopian/ Mystery books. 

My rating: ♥♥♥♥

* I received an e-arc of this from Edelweiss for review*

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