Friday, April 17, 2015

Miss Mayhem(Rebel Belle #2) by Rachel Hawkins

From Goodreads: Life is almost back to normal for Harper Price. The Ephors have been silent after their deadly attack at Cotillion months ago, and best friend Bee has returned after a mysterious disappearance. Now Harper can return her focus to the important things in life: school, canoodling with David, her nemesis-turned-ward-slash-boyfie, and even competing in the Miss Pine Grove pageant.

Unfortunately, supernatural chores are never done. The Ephors have decided they’d rather train David than kill him. The catch: Harper has to come along for the ride, but she can’t stay David’s Paladin unless she undergoes an ancient trial that will either kill her . . . or connect her to David for life.

My Review: 
I completely loved the new installment in the Rebel Belle Trilogy. I had so many feelings reading that I'm not sure if I can express them all on here but I will try!

Things I Liked:
1) Harper- I thought she was bad ass in the first book! In this one she still was but I feel like she lost it a little.

2) David: This guy grew on me during the first book. This one he was a little better.

3) The story line itself did not disappoint. I think Mrs. Hawkins has a way of writing that you just need to know what happens. She writes in a comical way but the characters are so real that you cannot help but love them even when they do dumb things.

4) Bee- Even though this girl made some questionable decisions I still really enjoyed her character regardless.

Things I was not fond of: 
1) Harper and David's relationship seemed odd to me at times. I did like them together but I am not sure but it seemed strained for some reason. ( This is my opinion don't hate me)

2) Ryan- This clown just loves to mess things up! He frustrated me to no end!

3) Mary Beth- Such a naive character and I felt as though she was just not necessary!

4) David: Yes I know I put him in the things I liked but its a split for me. I liked him but the decisions he made were not cool! Yes he gets to be on this for that reason!

4) The length of this book was to short. I mean 288 pages are not enough in my opinion.( This is something I can live but really wanted more)

5) That ending though! Seriously?? Why would you do that to us??

With all that being said I still would recommend this book if you have read Rebel Belle. I think its a great addition to the series.

My rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Wow it's only 288 pages? That is a bit short... I really liked Rebel Belle so hopefully I'll like it as much you did! Great review!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  2. So glad this got 5 stars I'm starting Rebel Belle soon so it's good to know it gets better :) great review.